Become an affiliate

We provide tailored financial plans for parents with children in private school. Our plans enable parents to manage their school fees in a more comfortable manner.

Many parents who have children at private school also use financial advisors for advice on pensions, investments, mortgages and so on. By working with financial advisors, we have found that incorporating our school fee plans into their financial planning, assists them in giving additional options to their clients.

What we offer

We offer financial products specifically tailored for parents to assist them in planning for the payment of private school fees. Our products are all secured loans and come with:

Fixed or variable interest rates;
Terms up to 30 years;
Up to 75% LTV for our Flexiplan; or
Up to 90% LTV with our Advance Plan; and
No early repayment fees.

Through working in affiliation with independent financial advisors we can be sure that we are offering a more versatile solution to parents.

Why become an affiliate?

You gain access to our range of finance products that can assist your clients with the payment of school fees.

We assist your client throughout the process and offer them the professional advice they require when considering a product of this nature.