Drawdown when required

Within the limit of your facility you can drawdown funds when you need to, and you only pay interest on the amount you drawdown.

Manage your

Subject to your minimum monthly repayment, you can increase or reduce your monthly repayments to suit you.

If you choose to repay the full amount early, you will not be charged any early repayment fees.

Spread the cost;
ease family finances

Repayment terms from 5 years to 30 years.

Fixed or variable interest rates starting from 3.95%.

Flexible or fixed monthly repayments.

Secta Flexiplan Features

Borrow from £25,000 up
to £1,000,000

Interest rates
from 3.95%

No early repayment

Up to 80% loan to
value (LTV)

Terms up to
30 years

Fixed or variable rates

Only pay interest
on the amount you draw

How the Secta Flexiplan works


Once your Secta Flexiplan is approved you can drawdown funds immediately.


Drawdown additional funds when required.


Your minimum monthly repayments will be taken by direct debit.


Make additional payments at any time without early repayment charges.


After the flexible 5 year period, the balance converts into a standard term loan.

Flexiplan calculator